Kids Kung Fu

Kids Kung Fu

At Nam Yang Brighton we offer a variety of classes for kids and teenagers in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. Each age group follow a progressive grading syllabus which teaches them respect, patience, self discipline, confidence, coordination and self-defense. The kids Kung Fu lessons are tailored to suit the requirements of each age group, and above all else the classes are fun!

Nam Yang Pugilistic Association has a long history of producing junior champions both at National and World championship level.

All classes are taught in a relaxed friendly environment. And all the instructors are fully insured and CRB cleared.

Little Tigers (Ages 3-4)

The Little Tigers class is based on introducing Kung Fu principles to young children. They learn this through martial arts based games and partner exercises. They also learn about Chinese culture and history.
The Little Tigers class usually starts with a warm up which includes running, jumping, dodging, ducking, stretching and breathing techniques.
Then the students take part in pad work and partner drills.
We normally finish off with Chinese tea and meditation. The class is 45 minutes

Infant Kung Fu (Ages 5-6)

This class is a follow on from the Little Tigers class, where more of the exercises are based on Kung Fu technique. Set patterns and forms are introduced and the self defense element is practiced. More challenging partner exercises and drills are taught to improve the students speed, reflexes, hand-eye coordination and confidence. They also greatly improve social awareness. The class finishes with tea and meditation. The class is 1 hour.

Junior Kung Fu (Ages 7-11)

The Junior Kung Fu class is where Nam Yang’s Tiger-Crane combination syllabus is introduced and the Sum Chien (See Kung Fu page) is first taught. As well as this the Shaolin weapons system and Chinese Lion Dance is introduced. The students also begin to learn more progressively complex partner routines, self defense drills and stance and touch sensitivity exercises called pushing and sticking hands. The class finishes with tea and meditation. The class is 1 hour long.

Teens Kung Fu (Ages 11-16)

The Teens Kung Fu class is a natural progression to the adult class. It usually begins with a warm up including strength training, speed training, a cardio vascular work out and stretching. There is a greater emphasis on self defense where students regularly practice pushing and sticking hands as well as San Da (Chinese Kickboxing) techniques and self defense drills.
The students also learn more complex two man sparring sets and free hand and weapon routines. The Teens class also introduces both hard and soft Chi Gong. The class is 1 hour long.

Junior Kickboxing (7-12)

The style of Kickboxing taught at Nam Yang is San Da. San Da or San Shou as it is often called comprises of punch,kick and throw techniques. It is a competition sport, but you do not have to compete in order to enjoy the classes. The junior San Da class starts with a warm up including speed training, strength training and stretching. Then the students practice movement drills with a partner. After which they practice different combinations on the pads and bags. Then the class practice light contact sparring, but again there is no pressure on the students to spar. The class is finished with tea and meditation. The class is 1 hour